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Diary of a teenage girl moving to the other side of the world

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Sydney and Gold Coast!

In the last week of the summer holidays my family and I, yet again, escaped Indonesia. This time our initial destination was Sydney, followed by Gold Coast. We stayed in Sydney for a few days with friends. I had not fully wrapped my head around the fact that it was winter in Australia even though it didn’t seem that far away, and being naive I mainly packed shorts. I was freezing. On our first day we embarked on a cycle tour around the centre and despite the torrential rain, we had a great time.


Sydney Opera house

The second day we visited Bondi Beach. I had always wanted to go there after watching countless episodes of ‘Bondi Rescue’ however, unfortunately I think we visited in the wrong season because there weren’t many hot lifeguards around. We did go on a nice walk though and I very much appreciated the cool fresh air, a huge contrast to Jakarta.


Bondi Beach



On our final day in Sydney we visited the blue mountains. This was probably the coldest day yet the view was stunning. There are many transportation options in order to see all aspects of the Blue Mountains and it was a very enjoyable day out.

IMG_2164     IMG_2190

After a few days it was time to leave and go to Gold Coast. I was very excited because my childhood friend Justine was coming with us. We both lived together in the Netherlands and when we moved to Indonesia Justine and her family moved to Canberra. During our weekend stay at the Q1 we visited the movie world and sea world theme park and the water park. It was probably a bit too cold to go to the water park but we had fun nonetheless. Overall, our trip to Australia was amazing and I did not want to leave, probably also due to my apprehension of going back to the dreaded IB!



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One year

Hey everyone,
I’ve been living in Indonesia for a year and a bit now…sorry I haven’t written in forever! So much has happened! I was very ill for a while with continuous tonsillitis and have now been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I feel I have adapted to life now, and with only 10 months left living here, I can cope 🙂 Since I last wrote I been on many amazing holidays – Sydney, Borneo, Bali again and I will be visiting Gili Trawangan tomorrow!

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Down Under

In late 2013 we visited Perth and Freemantle for our first ‘big’ holiday living on this side of the world. It was a refreshing break being able to breathe in the clean air after coming from Jakarta. When landing in the airport I was surprised to feel how chilly it was and regretted my decision to bring only shorts and t-shirts – probably my fault for believing Australia is always hot. For our first two nights we were staying in Perth and our main activity there was whale watching!


This was an amazing experience and I am so glad we actually managed to see some whales otherwise I would have been very disappointed haha!Image









After our two nights in Perth we picked up our hire car and travelled down to Freemantle which was delightfully peaceful and calming. During our stay we visited chocolate factories, beaches, caves, restaurants and went on many wine tours. Luckily I passed my driving test a few weeks before moving so I was allowed to drive all day whilst my parents were drinking as much wine as they possible could.


The highlight of our trip howeverwas seeing two very special babies;


These are two rescue kangaroos that we managed to spend half an hour with – they were adorable! Overall, our trip to Australia was very eventful and fun- I hope to go again soon!

Lydia xx

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Life as an expat

Sorry that is has been such a long time since I posted…I’ve been very busy with the stresses of IB etc. I can happily say that I have settled well into life in Jakarta. Despite the ongoing hassles of traffic – it taking three hours to get somewhere that is half an hour away, the constant downpour of rain with it being a rainy season and the masses of mosquitos that never leave you alone I can confidently call this place ‘home’.  We have already completed nearly half of the school year which I am very pleased about and soon we will be going on our fourth trip to Singapore for half-term break! 

One of the best things about living in Asia is all the amazing places you can visit! I feel truly blessed that I have been able to travel so much and I know that If I was still living in London I would not have these great opportunities. The nightlife is also very good here and typically if you are a girl you do not need ID to get into any of the clubs or bars which is good for us. 

Anyway, this is just a short update and I have many more blogs that are coming soon,

lydia xx